Centerville High School Athletics


Girls Gold Golf Finishes 2nd At the GWOC Championship


Rob Dement | 9/28/2023

PHOTO CREDIT: Barry Burtenshaw

The Girls Varsity Gold Golf Team, renowned for their excellence on the golf course, demonstrated their skill and dedication once again at the Greater Western Ohio Conference (GWOC) Championship Tournament. Held at Heatherwoode Golf Course in Springboro, OH, this prestigious event saw the Lady Elks give it their all, securing a well-deserved runner-up position despite facing tough competition.

For years, the Centerville Girls Varsity Gold Golf Team has been the dominant force at the GWOC Championship, but this year brought a historic change. While the Lady Elks delivered a commendable performance, they couldn't retain their title. Springboro emerged as the victors, leaving the Elks just 11 strokes behind.

The Lady Elks fought valiantly from the first tee to the last hole, showcasing their unwavering determination and competitive spirit. Although the GWOC championship crown eluded them this time, their performance was a testament to their resilience and commitment to the sport.

Leading the charge for the Lady Elks were Brigid Nickell and Meenakshi Edala. Brigid, with her remarkable score of 76, demonstrated exceptional skill on the course. Meenakshi, not to be outdone, contributed an impressive 82. Their stellar performances earned them a well-deserved spot on the first team all-GWOC.

Ava Snow, with her score of 84, Nithya Nunna with an 88, and Ava Bressler with a 92, all played pivotal roles in the team's overall performance. These remarkable young ladies showcased their talent and poise under pressure, earning them spots on the second team all-GWOC.

Completing the team's effort was Noah Durbin, whose score of 97 added to the Lady Elks' impressive total. Noah's contribution underscored the depth and versatility of the team.

With their runner-up finish at the GWOC Championship, the Lady Elks have proven they are a formidable force in high school golf. Their sights are now set on the Southwest Sectional Golf Tournament, which will be held at WGC Golf Course in Xenia, OH, on Thursday, October 5th, beginning at 8:30 AM. This tournament presents another opportunity for the Lady Elks to showcase their skills and determination.

For supporters eager to cheer on the Lady Elks as they continue their journey, tickets for the Southwest Sectional Golf Tournament are available online at It's a chance to witness the team's resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence on the golf course.